Lasso Rewards

Welcome to the Lasso VIP Rewards Program!

Every purchase you've made on our site has not only earned you rewards points, but at different thresholds, you unlock different prizes. When you reach these thresholds, your account automatically gets credited with enough credits to purchase the reward item at that threshold. You will be notified whenever you cross these thresholds and you can look up your rewards balance at any time.

You can use your credits on purchases and you will still be rewarded when you cross these lifetime credit threshholds.


The reward items and reward points amounts are as follows:

Lasso Rewards T Shirt - 15.00 lifetime credits

Lasso Rewards Hat - 25.00 lifetime credits

Lasso Special Sock - 37.50 lifetime credits

Lasso Rewards Hoodie - 50.00 lifetime credits

Lasso Early Release Pack - 75.00 lifetime credits

Lasso VIP Invite to annual Rewards celebration in Los Angeles, CA - 100.00 lifetime credits