Socks that improve athletic performance and recovery.

Our patented BlowYourMind™ technology keeps you healthy and active.

BlowYourMind™ Technology Benefits

Ankle Support
Arch Support
Improved Circulation
Engineered For Comfort
Moisture Wicking
From professional athletes to weekend warriors

Lasso Socks play a key role in keeping active people active.

Better Movement. Medically Proven.

Your feet have never felt this good. Lasso's BlowYourMind™ compression technology is proven to help you move better, recover faster, and feel better on your feet.

As seen in:

Gareon Conley:
The Long Road Back To The NFL

The Long Road Back | EPISODE 1

Gareon Conley is a former NFL first round pick from Ohio State. Gareon suffered an unexpected and rare injury that sidelined him. This is part 1 in his rehab and recovery to get back to being an NFL star. Gareon has used Lasso Socks as a core part of his recovery and rehab process.