Gamechanging Ankle Support In Your Socks

Targeted ankle support designed to react to your movement

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Compression For Pain Relief

Graduated compression helps relief pain and improve circulation.

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Walk On A Cloud

Coolmax™ fabrics help wick away heat to optimize comfort and strike padding for soft steps.

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Lasso Compression Socks

Reactive ankle support, designed for strength, stability, and performance.

Internal Use Only
  • Reactive Ankle Support

    Our targeted ankle support moves and works with you, to only provide support when you need it.

  • Improved Circulation

    Graduated compression has been shown to improve circulation and reduce rehab times.

  • Real Comfort

    Coolmax fabrics combined with reinforced strike padding creates a softer movement experience.

  • Reduce Pain Levels

    Graduated compression can combat soreness, stiffness, pain, and other side effects of rehab.

Our Customers Love Lasso Socks

See why Lasso is the best choice for ankle support or for rehabbing injuries.

"I wish I had them while I was playing"

“This is not just a sock. That’s very true. These socks help with major support with my ankles which is the most important for me when I’m doing a long bike ride or going for a run. I’ve always thought socks are the most important part of your outfit for a bike ride and these socks are simple and unique which is awesome. This sock helps me to recover after a long day of training as well."

"After a full jump day all my skepticism is gone! At first, I was wondering how these socks were going to make an impact. Sure enough I had no minor aches or pains in my calf or achilles! I tore my achilles in the Olympic Trials causing me to miss the Olympic Games despite qualification. I feared jumping again would cause aches and pains, but with Lasso, those fears are gone. I want to thank Lasso for helping me extend my career."

"I tried the sock on for practice and I could feel the extra stability it gave me while running. Initially I thought it was just an injury prevention sock but it’s also helpful tool in strengthening and stability. I would recommend it for all athletes for every sport. I’m excited to see how it helps me over the course of the season and I’m Happy to be apart of the team!"

"I've been asked several times what I do for injury prevention after my first ACL surgery. Stretching and focusing on recovery play a big part, but so does compression clothing. My new favorite product is Lasso - they make skiing for 4 hours followed by a 12-hours of standing at work an absolute breeze. They also provide additional ankle support for sprains and strains which has come in handy on the iced footpaths of Whistler. I can't thank BWHealth for developing these socks!"

"Light and comfortable, I love the socks. Lasso Gear socks keep my feet and ankles compressed, and they help prevent injuries. They're thin and not bulky at all. If you like K-Tape, you will love these sock for your calves, achilles, etc."

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