5 Reasons Why Running Is So Important To Us (And You)

Movement is part of our DNA here at Lasso. All types of movement, from recreational sports to unsanctioned races to outdoor adventures and everything that falls in between. But running... running is different. It is still an old, primitive art in my eyes, something basically anyone can do anytime they feel like doing it; something that is as rewarding as it is exhausting. A perfect storm. It's a solo act where we often find ourselves challenging and racing, well... ourselves. Whether we're adding life to our years or years to our life, the benefits of running are bountiful and yours for the taking. And we're here to talk about it. 

Hot on the heels of our brand new Lasso Low Tab sock launch, (which is an INCREDIBLE sock for running, IMO) I find myself reflecting on the importance of running and everything its given me the past few years of participating, racing and simply staying consistent. Though this list could go on forever, here are five reasons running is so important for our body and mind—five reasons that just might inspire you to get up, get out and Stay Moving. 




Running Will Add Life To Your Years And Years To Your Life

We all strive for a long, productive, healthy life and running shines on this journey to achieving an active lifestyle. The simple joy of finishing a run will add value to your overall being, whether you're starting the day with a run or ending it (or both!) But the real value is in the long run. Less fat, lower cholesterol, stronger bones—runners are typically strong and healthy because their lifestyle naturally allows them to be. It's a process and a routine. It's a way to stay younger even longer. 

In a study, Stanford researchers compared local runners in their mid-50s with non-exercising community members who had similar top-notch medical care. Nearly two decades later, the death rate was more than 50 percent lower among the runners. Think about that! There was a lot of other great information in that study, but that certainly struck me. 

Additionally, a 2018 meta-analysis of research on running and longevity, just in general, found that people who run have about a 25 to 30 percent lower rate of all-cause mortality than non-runners. What does that mean? Take it as you will, but it basically describes that even a tiny bit of running per week is better than no running, and I happily agree with the notion.  

Lasso's collection of performance socks offer everything you need to perform at your best, recover safely and look good while doing it—from our classic crew socks and brand new Low Tabs, or our OTC (over the calf) medical compression socks, which are worn by everyone from medical professionals to marathon runners and recovering athletes alike. We're not saying you need to live forever, but a long, heathy life is achievable through movement. Ready, set, go!    




Running Promotes Weight Loss (And Helps You Keep It Off)

Whatever the reason, dropping some extra pounds can be a struggle. But with a blend of motivation and consistency, (and a little patience) the results will always be there. If high-intensity workouts and weight training aren't your vibe, try running! It's a great way to lose a few pounds—and keep them off!

How, though?

Because running involves continuously moving your entire body weight, it burns more calories than most other activities and whether you've ran one mile or one hundred, you get it. Plus, it's fun! You don’t have to run fast to achieve max burn, either. You basically get just as much from running slow (although it takes twice as long). The moral of the story? Just get out there and run! Start moving. Stay moving. Consistency is key. 

Far beyond the goal of weight loss in general (and the new version of yourself standing in front of the mirror), you will start to notice many other positive changes along the way—better eating habits, sleeping habits, staying hydrated, better skin and a rise in positive mental health. Just to name a few. 




Running Improves Mental Health And Reduces Depression

I can personally vouch for this one, as it was a major factor in why I started running in the first place. The spike I found in my mental health was more than enough to keep me consistent, but it's everything else that comes along with it that really keeps me (and you) on track. The runner's high. The progress. The benefits, both physically and mentally. The more I run, the better I eat. The better I sleep. The better I feel!

The beauty is the endless cycle that begins—when I'm mentally strong, I'm physically strong, and vice-versa. Both add fuel to the fire. With so many ways to Stay Moving and so many opportunities for classes and specialists and training... my question is: Why not keep it simple? Pull up some Lasso performance socks, strap on your favorite running shoes and take the first step. What happens next is up to you, but trust me when I say, your mind and body will thank you. 




Running Lowers Blood Pressure

After some research, I found that in 2016, a world health index called the Global Burden of Disease published results of its investigation into 388 different health risks, and how each of them can effect our wellbeing in one way or another. It found that the number one risk, by a pretty heavy margin, was high blood pressure. Running and other moderate exercise is a proven, non-drug-related way to lower blood pressure and keep it moderate. It's worth noting that this number was even more so than cigarette smoking, which is wild when you consider it. If the world doesn't stop moving, why should we? Think of all the benefits... 




Running Builds Self-Esteem

Even though this isn't medically-backed, there is certainly truth to it. Once again... at least in my opinion. We’ve heard thousands of stories from runners about how running taught them countless important life lessons. One common theme worth mentioning is: Take one step at a time, just one at a time, and you can get where you want to go.

Whether you're training for a marathon, in pursuit of your educational goals, launching a new business, maybe recovering from loss and disease...starting and finishing a run provides a sense of pride and accomplishment that many other activities can't. We feel confident and strong after a big run, knowing what we've accomplished and knowing we'll be doing it again soon—faster, longer, better. 

I'm not saying that running is easy … or that life is easy. Neither are. Nor are they supposed to be! (Then what would be the point?) But running is certainly measurable—counting miles and minutes—we can see where we were at the beginning of our journey, and how far we have come. So in conclusion—running might take some effort, but effort produces results! And with no effort, you'll get no results. 

We'll see you out there!


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And most importantly -- Stay Moving!