What kind of ankle support should I wear for soccer?

If you are a soccer player, you know the importance of ankle support and how necessary it is to prevent injuries while playing. That's why here at Lasso, we believe that it is essential to have the right ankle support on the field.

We offer a wide range of compression socks that are specifically designed to provide the best ankle support for soccer players. Our crew and knee length compression socks are designed to provide optimal ankle stability by mimicking the neuromuscular effect created by kinesiology taping, so you can focus on the game without worrying about injuries. Lasso Socks are actually medically proven to provide this support, and were also shown to improve balance by 25% immediately in a study of elite athletes.

Our compression socks are made with lightweight, breathable fabric that allows your feet to remain cool and comfortable during the game. The crew and knee length compression socks also help to reduce swelling and provide your ankle with the necessary stability and support.

In addition to their breathability, our compression socks also use our patented BlowYourMind technology, which activates your ligaments and tendons. Plus our socks are machine washable, so it's the easiest foot and ankle support solution you'll find.

Whether you are looking for the best ankle support and movement benefits, or just want to make a statement on the field, Lasso Socks are going to help you play your best. Start with a pair of crew or knee length and feel the difference for yourself.