Out of Office Ep.4 - "The High" | Ellie Nevarez

OOO. These three letters often carry weight. They represent a sign of freedom to anyone in the workforce. Out of office. Away. Off. Unplugging. Unreachable. When you read these three simple letters, you know someone, somewhere is performing that oh-so-familiar balancing act between work, life and all the little (and larger) things that might fall in between. That person is getting away from their desk, their computer or whatever tools come with their career and reapplying that energy away from the time on the clock. Someone is being rewarded with the gift of moving, breathing and living. 

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Ellie Nevarez is a licensed physical therapist, which certainly makes her no stranger to the benefits of daily movement, nor a busy work schedule. We're thrilled to know that Lasso socks have provided her support during her long days on her feet professionally and enjoying herself personally. Even the people out there who truly love their jobs—the ones who are making a difference, or at the very least, enjoying themselves along the way—need an escape from the arguably monotonous routines that come with being responsible, time-oriented and communicative. Whether she's working on a patient or working on her own personal fitness routine with Lasso hugging her feet, there are a variety of outlets Ellie uses to escape from it all so she can truly unplug and reposition her mind. Far away from the clinical problems she's presented with at work, one of the outlets this respected physical therapist has found most enlightening is running. 

For anyone who has never experienced the runner's high, anyone who has will tell you how real it is. At a certain point, you're completely somewhere else, mindless, moving subconsciously and relaxed in whatever direction lies ahead. Finding this much needed rhythm to relax, unplug and clear your mind from the constraints of work can absolutely be a challenge—whether large or small, that balance takes some effort—but once achieved, it's a reward unlike most. And while some will always be a little better at it than others, it doesn't change how important it is at the end of the day.

Ellie has dealt with a handful of serious injuries through the years (part of which inspired her to be a physical therapist in the first place) and has also found great recovery benefits while wearing Lasso socks. The will to keep going is etched in Ellie's mind and she has always been able to persevere and push forward, and is a firm believer that injuries shouldn't be an excuse to stop moving. And we believe the same here at Lasso.

Recovery is so important. Not only do Lasso running socks provide the extra support Ellie needs to keep going mile after mile, they're also there for her when it's time to recover. Because whether she's on her feet all day at work or escaping it with a run, we're here to make sure every minute you spend in (and especially out) of the office is spent comfortably and confidently.


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