Lasso Gym Invasion: AMP Association

We recently pulled up to AMP Association fitness club in Santa Monica, CA and had the members put the Lasso “One Sock Challenge” to the test during their workout. We love the motivated crew at AMP and although this wasn't the first time we've had their members test out Lasso performance socks during their high-intensity workouts, it was the first time having them attempt the One Sock Challenge. 


But what exactly is the Lasso One Sock Challenge?


The One Sock Challenge concept is basically as simple as it sounds: We just ask that you remove one of the socks you currently have on and swap it with one Lasso sock. More often than not, the facial expressions we receive once the sock is pulled on speak volumes. The difference is typically felt immediately. Next step? You get to work! After you complete your workout, we ask a few questions primarily focusing on whether you feel the difference between one foot and the other. That's it! 



Getting people to take their socks off and swap them for a workout—unplanned and unannounced, no less—is a fairly big ask, and we understand that. But we're beyond grateful for the individuals who were optimistic (and curious) enough to try it out and really put Lasso performance socks to the ultimate test. Plus... you get to leave with a free pair of the greatest socks ever made! It's a gift that genuinely keeps on giving. 


"I really like the compression. I'm used to wearing Nike socks and they don't really offer the support needed, so Lasso's are super awesome and felt comfortable the whole time! I definitely recommend them." 

—Ann D., AMP member




The workout was intense as always and by the time it was complete, all the members were beat. It is worth mentioning that they do not mess around at AMP! These workouts are brutal, intense and unbelievably rewarding. They're designed to really push you physically and mentally, and they're constantly reminding each other that the brain is stronger than the body! And by putting this concept to the test, they often push far beyond what they believed imaginable. 



Pulling a handful of the members aside post-workout, we asked each of them if they felt any key differences. The most important thing here is honesty—if you do, great. If you don't, we ask that you let us know! However, the general consensus is typically exactly what we were hoping for—they felt a huge difference between their regular socks and Lasso performance socks, and without any hints from us, told us how much support they felt specifically in their arch and ankles. Which is really no surprise, as no other sock hugs your key ligaments in all the right places the way Lasso does. 


"I thought the socks were awesome. The compression was great and felt way better than my normal, ratty socks. It's nice to not have to worry about your feet. I feel like having nice athletic socks is underrated! Game changer." 

 —AMP member



By the end of the day, a good chunk of the class had left their old socks behind and left AMP with Lasso's hugging their feet. A handful of others mentioned that since finding Lasso, they've never worn any other socks, whether for their runs, workouts or recovery. And those who were a little reluctant and/or unaware of what was happening stopped by our tent and, at the very least, left with the newfound knowledge of Lasso performance socks and all the benefits that come with simply wearing them—before, during and after any activity.  




The Lasso One Sock Challenge was created to simply test the benefits of Lasso honestly and openly, and so far the results have been incredible. If you're curious yourself, grab a pair and try it out! Whether you play sports, run, walk, hike... anything that involves movement—take one sock off, throw on a Lasso performance sock and put them to the test! Like the AMP members and countless others who have attempted the challenge, we believe you'll be pleasantly surprised. 


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