Bone Collector Camp at The Lab in Carson, CA

Giving back is important.

Streetball legend/NBA Skills Trainer, Bone Collector is currently touring around the country, giving back to local communities and hosting camps that offer basketball skills and training courses to aspiring basketball players, each offering a variety of unique drills and workouts throughout. The "work hard, play hard" notion was alive and well when we met with Bone at The Lab in Carson, CA to watch him in action. 

These classes that Bone is hosting, alongside other vetted trainers and coaches, are the real deal and an extremely unique experience for anyone lucky enough to attend. "It's not all gonna be fun—we're gonna be working!" Bone told us as we arrived that day with a smile. And he was right! It was fun, but it was a subtle reminder that it's all about the work you put in behind the scenes. Nonetheless, the classes are aimed to be enjoyable and educational, while putting in the work is the end goal! Every camp he hosts is made to give back to the local communities while assisting the youth with gaining skills (mental and physical) along the way. Skills they can leave with and utilize on and off the court.

There was no shortage of sweat and smiles for the entire 4 hour class and for the last half hour or so, the participating players were given the chance to step to Bone for some 1-on-1 matches, which is an experience in itself. Bone put on a show for everyone in attendance and it was great seeing him in action in our Bone Collector x Lasso gear! Smartphones and cameras were out in every direction and laughter was bouncing off the walls as he broke some ankles and did his thing. They don't call him the Bone Collector for nothing!

The Lab in Carson, CA is a great facility and the team there is doing an incredible job catering to the youth in the surrounding areas. From basketball training to a barber shop and so much more, it's really a unique, welcoming facility and we had a great time. Shoutout to the entire crew at The Lab! 

Meshed with the class itself, some of the Lasso team was in attendance to educate the athletes, coaches and trainers on the unique benefits Lasso basketball socks provide to aspiring and professional athletes alike. The foot and ankle support built into Lasso socks is unlike any other sock, providing support in the areas that need it most, but the recovery benefits are the real added value, as compression therapy is a commonly suggested form of recovery for athletes dealing with foot and ankle pain. Play better, longer and safer—and recover with confidence after every practice or game so you can be right back at it the next day! That's our mission, every day. 

We had the opportunity to hand out a few pairs of Lasso basketball socks and youth basketball socks to the first class of the day, and we are thrilled that The Lab is also carrying Lasso basketball socks, along with a handful of socks and apparel from our Bone Collector x Lasso collection, in a pop-up style shop inside the facility. Now anyone attending the lab for training or practice has the chance to Lasso Up and tangibly feel the benefits in person.  


Bone Collector continues to tour the country and might have a stop coming up near you! Visit his website for locations, dates and more info. And since you're here, you might as well browse the limited Bone Collector x Lasso collection that we worked on closely with Bone himself. 


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