AMP vs Pharos Gym Battle Recap

AMP Association gym in Santa Monica recently hosted an energetic, fun-filled competition with their friends at Pharos gym from Echo Park in a classic East vs. West gym battle. Health and wellness enthusiasts from all corners of Los Angeles joined in on the action, completing multiple intense circuit training exercises under the hot California sun. The movement was non-stop and mirrored the excitement of the day as music blasted from speakers and sweat dripped down the competing athletes faces. 



We were excited to be a part of the day and were overjoyed by the response these athletes had about Lasso performance socks. Seeing them be put to work in a fast-paced, intense environment such as this was a real treat. 



After the finals, the competitors were rewarded with some breakfast burritos and a cooler full of beverages making it the perfect way to wrap up the day and soak it all in. Competitors from both sides laughed and spoke through heavy breaths about how fun and challenging it all was, reaping the benefits of pushing themselves all day long. 



The Lasso booth got tons of foot traffic throughout the event as competitors and guests alike were curious about our technology and benefits. For those lucky enough to snag a pair, the second they pulled them on, they lit up with excitement. We encouraged the competitors to put them on right then and there, and those who agreed were not disappointed. It was the perfect atmosphere to put Lasso performance socks to the test. And we successfully made some new believers out of these impressive athletes. 



AMP co-founder, Alex Hope was busy coordinating the event and making sure things ran smoothly. This wasn't his first rodeo and he did a great job keeping everything flowing. That said, this format was the first of its kind. "We have hosted some in house competitions at the gym before so we wanted to change it up," Alex told us. "Pharos is also owned by a Brit and we developed a good relationship with them since living here, so it just made sense to do East Side vs. West Side!" 

Thanks again to Alex and the entire AMP Association crew for letting us be involved. It was inspiring to be around so many people who share our vision and live the Stay Moving lifestyle. We can't wait for the next one! 



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