What Types of Ankle Support do NBA Players Use?

What Types of Ankle Support do NBA Players Use?

Pictured above, NBA champion Andrew Bogut working out in his Lasso Socks.


As part of one of the toughest and most physically demanding sports in the world, basketball players need to take extra care of their ankles. Ankle support is crucial for preventing injuries and maximizing performance on the court in a sport that requires frequent direction changes both on offense and defense. This can put incredible pressure on the ankles as we've all seen in stories like Steph Curry and Kevin Durant

NBA players use a variety of different ankle supports to help them stay injury-free and perform at their best. Let's take a closer look at some of the most popular ankle support options for basketball players.


Compression Socks

Compression socks are a popular choice for NBA players. They provide a snug fit around the ankle and help to reduce fatigue, improve circulation, and reduce the risk of injury.

By providing compression and support around the ankle, compression socks help to keep the joint stable and reduce the risk of ankle sprains and other injuries.


Ankle Braces

Ankle braces are another popular choice for NBA players. Ankle braces are designed to support the ankle joint and reduce the risk of injury. They are typically made of a rigid material and are worn over the ankle and foot.

While ankle braces provide excellent support, they can also be bulky and uncomfortable to wear. Some players also find that ankle braces limit their range of motion, which can affect their performance on the court.



Tape is a common choice for NBA players who prefer a more customized approach to ankle support. Athletic tape is wrapped around the ankle and foot to provide support and stability. Tape is a versatile option that can be customized to fit the player's specific needs.

However, it can be time-consuming to apply and remove, and it can also be uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time.


Lasso Socks


While taping and bracing seem like the only options in the market, we designed Lasso Socks to create an alternative that offers true ankle support comparable to taping, without the hassle of applying tape every day, and without the bulkiness of an ankle brace.

Lasso Socks use a patented compression weave that mimics taping to activate ligaments and tendons in the foot and ankle, and are often prescribed by physicians for a variety of foot and ankle injuries, including weak ankles and ankle rolls/sprains.