Should I Wear Grip Socks Inside My Cleats?

Should I Wear Grip Socks Inside My Cleats?

Grip socks are a great way to improve your performance in sports like soccer and football which require rapid direction changes.

Why Do Some Athletes Wear Grip Socks?

A common issue for cleat sports is that athletes find their feet sliding inside of their cleat, due to the enormous grip on grass or turf caused by the cleats. This can be disadvantageous for your performance, but it can also cause issues with blisters.

Often, athletes will wear a smaller cleat to accommodate for this factor, but unfortunately, a smaller cleat can also cause foot and toe injuries due to the tightness of the front of the cleat, also known as a toe box.



What Do Lasso Grip Socks Do?

Lasso Grip Socks are designed to provide a layer of grip between the sole of your foot and the inside of the cleat, to prevent the sliding of your socks inside the cleat. 

Lasso Grip Socks also include a grip layer on top of the sock, which becomes anchored once you tie your laces, to give you an extra layer of support and spread force around your foot instead of allowing it all to be on the bottom of your foot. This truly makes your cleats fit like gloves.



What are the Risks of Grip Socks?

When you add grip inside the shoe, direction changes also apply more rotational force to your ankle. This means that it is actually critical to have a means of ankle support and muscular activation alongside grip socks, in order to minimize the risk of injury.


How Do Lasso Socks Protect Against These Risks?

Lasso Socks all utilize our patented BlowYourMind technology, which is proven to mimic the benefits of ankle tape, providing ankle support, and activating ligaments and tendons.

All other grip socks on the market will slide around on your feet, and can cause compound issues, but Lasso Grip Socks have been specifically designed to avoid the common issues that come from wearing grip socks to increase your athletic performance.


Lasso Grip Socks

Grip to maximize your movement, ankle support to strengthen your body, compression to improve blood flow.