Relieving Restless Leg Syndrome With Compression Therapy

Whether you’re unfamiliar with Restless Leg Syndrome or are personally affected by it, there are many options to combat RLS in safe, effective, (sometimes simple) ways. Basic lifestyle changes, new, healthy routines, and compression therapy are just a few, and are great stepping stones when looking for a cure. With that said, there are a handful of actions that trigger Restless Leg Syndrome in general. That’s why we’re here. 



Whether your career generally consists of sitting at a desk for long periods of time, or you're working hard on your feet for hours on end, these long days often restrict blood flow and circulation in the feet and ankles, which can cause issues. Utilizing the compression benefits in Lasso performance socks has proven to be a simple, effective way to promote better blood flow and circulation, while hugging your feet and ankles in the areas that need it most. Those long work days don't have to be so abusive to your feet and ankles. Sometimes, it's as simple as pulling on a pair of socks and letting the magic happen. At the end of the day, that's really the core of compression therapy—utilizing compression socks that are specially designed to support your blood flow and increase circulation in your legs.



Pregnancy can also be a major cause of Restless Leg Syndrome, and compression socks are a simple, effective way to find relief when your feet and ankles start to hurt. In general, pregnancy is a time of anticipation. It's a beautiful time where so much of your life is full of joy. But with it unfortunately comes plenty of discomfort. So much is happening that affects your day-to-day life. From nausea and cravings to aches and fatigue, the development of your child can take a toll on your body. But when it comes to swelling and problematic circulation in your legs and ankles, having the right tools is so necessary. Lasso performance socks can make all the difference throughout this roller coaster of a process! The testimonials we've heard from mother's across the country who love Lasso is just the icing on the cake. 



So still, what exactly is RLS? The strongest, and most well-known symptom of Restless Leg Syndrome, is an unbearable urge to move your legs, which is most noticeable when lying down or sitting still. Other symptoms include intense leg discomfort in the forms of pain, pins and needles, throbbing, itchiness, and the feeling of your skin pulling or crawling. Because severe RLS makes you feel the need to constantly move your legs, it can also make travel and everyday activities such as watching a movie or sitting through a meal a struggle. 


The worst part about RLS is that it is known for greatly disrupting one’s sleep schedule, making it hard to fall and stay asleep. Severe cases of RLS can cause daytime fatigue, daily restlessness, and can even affect your overall mental health. The sleep deprivation that results from this condition can cause irritability, making people less patient and more prone to aggression. Restless Leg Syndrome can also put a lot of stress on romantic relationships, as constant tossing and turning at bedtime can affect your partner’s sleep as well. 



Keep in mind that compression therapy is also a great way to avoid triggering RLS in the first place. The gentle, gradual pressure that Lasso socks create on your legs is great for relieving feelings of discomfort and promoting healthy circulation throughout your legs. Consistent use of compression socks can also strengthen your heart in the long-term by lowering the stress your body goes through to pump blood consistently as well. Many have also found relief from RLS symptoms at night by wearing compression socks to bed. Give it a try! 



So in conclusion, by using compression therapy along with making healthy lifestyle choices, you can better manage your RLS symptoms and hopefully rid of them in time. Specialists recommend staying hydrated, getting in a good amount of exercise, and eating foods rich in magnesium and iron to better manage symptoms as well. Additionally, try to stay away from sugary or caffeinated drinks, and limit alcohol consumption whenever possible.


At the end of the day, Lasso’s medical compression socks provide targeted, gradual compression to manage symptoms of RLS comfortably and with the utmost care. Our socks are made within the 15-25mmHg compression range to guarantee safe prolonged use, making them perfect to wear to bed or during the day for fast symptom relief. 


Stay healthy. Stay moving!




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