How Compression Work Socks Can Help Improve Your Workday

AMONG THE MOST dangerous job titles in America, welders, pilots, and firefighters top the list. However, recent studies have shown that desk jobs are becoming increasingly more dangerous to the health and well-being of Americans. This is because long periods of time without movement can create a variety of conditions that are detrimental to office workers’ health. If you’re stationary for long periods of time, slipping on a pair of the right compression socks before work is great for keeping circulatory problems and leg pain at bay.




How Sitting Affects the Body 

Naturally, your body exerts less energy when you’re sitting for extended periods of time. Those with desk jobs are more likely to develop high blood pressure, increased cholesterol levels and are at an increased risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease due to lack of physical activity. When seated for more than 2-hours, it can be hard for the blood to properly circulate through the feet and legs, causing conditions such as:

Blood Clots 

Lack of movement also puts individuals at an increased risk of developing blood clots and pulmonary embolisms. By gently applying pressure to the feet and legs, compression socks increase circulation and reduce the risk of developing blood clots in the legs.


Poor circulation can also leave you reaching for an extra shot of espresso by causing fatigue. Insufficient blood flow makes it harder for your body to deliver oxygen, minerals, and vitamins where they are needed and can also slow down your metabolism. This puts your body into preservation mode to consume as little energy as possible, thus leaving you tired and yawning throughout the day.


Compression socks can also fight against the symptoms of edema—a form of swelling in the feet, ankles, and legs caused by poor circulation. Edema is caused by the poor circulation that sitting for long periods of time brings, leaving individuals with pain, stiff joints, and skin that feels warm or tight. Promoting proper circulation with the help of compression socks can help keep blood from pooling for more comfort.

Muscle Pain 

The calf muscles are often referred to as the body’s second heart because they act as a circulatory power-house. The flexing and extending of calf muscles help circulate blood in the lower extremities. When seated for lengthy periods of time, lack of movement and restricted blood flow can make these muscles sore. Additionally, poor circulation means that oxygen and nutrients can’t properly reach body tissue, leading to feelings of stiffness and cramping in the legs.

Lowered Body Temperature

As you’ve probably noticed, offices are often kept at chilly temperatures. Most air conditioning units in offices are designed for 100% capacity, but oftentimes buildings aren’t at full capacity. This is why more often than not, workers are left shivering while sitting behind their computer screen. Compression socks are a great tool for staying warm, no matter how low the thermostat at your workplace is set. The added blood circulation received from compression socks helps to keep body temperatures regulated for long periods of time.

If your career is centered around a desk, sitting for long periods of time doesn’t have to leave you feeling uncomfortable. With the right legwear, you can reduce the health risks associated with your desk job. The best compression socks for sitting all-day should keep your blood pumping and leave your legs feeling comfortable for the 9-5 grind. Lasso’s medical compression socks are designed to do just that with graduated compression and joint support technology. With compression levels of 15-25 mmHg, these socks are designed for all-day wear. 

Take on your workday with confidence with Lasso’s medical compression socks.