4 Outdoor Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day (and How Compression Socks Can Help)

VALENTINE'S DAY IS right around the corner, a holiday best known for gifts like candy and chocolate, expensive alcohol, and indulgent dinners to say “I love you” to your partner. However, showing your sweetheart that you care doesn't have to derail your fitness and health goals this year. Working out releases endorphins and is a natural mood lifter, and staying fit with your significant other can create strong connections. Continue reading for active Valentine’s Day ideas that are great for showing your body some love, as well as your partner.



Go for a Romantic Bike Ride

Riding bikes together will get your heartbeat up and blood pumping, and can be a fun way to get to a romantic destination. Check to see what's going on in your town, this time of year is teeming with street festivals, fairs, outdoor movies in the park, concerts, and more. When in doubt, just take a ride through the city or on a nature trail where you haven't been before and see what fun finds you along the way. Wearing biking compression socks on your cycling adventure will reduce muscle fatigue and swelling, and will help your body recover too if worn after the fact.

Bundle Up and Hit the Ice

We all know the scene, a couple holding hands and ice skating as snow falls on a cold winter’s day. For those living in cold weather, bundling up and heading to an outdoor skating rink can create memories for years to come. Ice skating can be great for improving joint and muscle health and easing stress, all while creating a way to bond with your valentine. Be sure to dress properly for the occasion, and adorn outdoors socks to keep your legs warm and your ankles safe on the ice.

Take a Hike

Going on a challenging hike with your valentine gives you a chance to work towards a common goal together, and gives you time to talk and connect with each other while you do it. On your trek, be sure to wear compression socks for hiking to protect your ankles and help your feet feel less sore for your journey. To finish out your hike right, bring a picnic along with you of healthy snacks to enjoy together once you reach your destination. This can be fun to do during the day, or in a safe, open space at night so that you can sit and stargaze together at the end of your hike.

Go Dancing

Learning a new skill with your partner is a great way to connect and have fun, so try taking a dance class together. You can take any kind of class that interests you, but ballroom dancing and salsa are two of the most romantic forms of dance. Even if you have two left feet, you’re still bound to have a fun time trying. Especially if you have weak ankles, wearing compression socks can keep your ankles stabilized and protected from common injuries like ankle sprains; because nothing can spoil a date faster than a trip to the hospital.

This Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to lose sight of your fitness goals. Put an emphasis on creating unforgettable experiences that will make you and your partner feel great. No matter how you chose to stay active this February 14th, Lasso’s athletic compression socks are here to keep you and your partner on your feet and safe from injury.

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