Great Movers Wear Lasso Socks

The #1 Ranked Performance Sock, Biomedically Designed To Improve Movement.

Ankle Support

Built-in ankle support amplifies performance every step of the way.

Arch Support

Secure your joints and arches while waving foot fatigue goodbye.

Improved Circulation

Improved circulation and reduced swelling means you Stay Moving longer.

Engineered For Comfort

Absorb impact and explode with extra padding around the foot and ankle.

Moisture Wicking

Say goodbye to blisters. Let your feet breathe with our moisture-wicking yarns.

Better Movement. Medically Proven.

Your feet have never felt this good. Move better, recover faster, and improve foot load distribution.

"The Tesla of Socks."
Better movement. Less distractions.

The Sanctuary

Lasso Out of Office Series | EPISODE 3 | THE SANCTUARY

When work and life intersect with each other—and each is as physically demanding as the other—it's important to find balance. As a respected basketball skills trainer, author, mentor and a true enthusiast of the sport, Connor Jean still searches for peace and silence on and off the court.

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