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Did you know that 25,000 Americans suffer from an ankle sprain each day?

That’s 9 million every year and more than 80% of those ankle sprains are a result of inversion, or inward rolling, of the ankle.

That’s where Lasso steps in.

The latest innovation from BWHealth is the Lasso ankle support sock which meets at the intersection of design and function to aid not only in stopping ankle pain and assisting in injury prevention, but in recovery as well. This is NOT just a sock.

Lasso ankle support sock uses a revolutionary combination of cutting-edge medical research in compression and ankle bracing with the comfort of a traditional athletic sock to help you perform at your best. At BWHealth, we make sports medicine products that are uniquely engineered to improve a user’s ability to move and stop pain and injury.

BWHealth is known as the creator of the Better Walk Crutch, a new type of crutch that doesn’t hurt a user’s underarm. BWHealth has been featured in CNN, Inc., Forbes, and at the White House.

BWHealth was founded by Partha Unnava, who started the company after breaking his ankle playing basketball. Partha saw a need for medical products to be engineered in more ergonomic ways, and he built a team to do just this.

We care about creating great products that help prevent injury, and help you feel better during your rehab. We believe that medical products should make you feel great.