Performance Compression Socks
Performance Compression Socks
Performance Compression Socks
Performance Compression Socks
Performance Compression Socks
Performance Compression Socks
Performance Compression Socks
Performance Compression Socks

Performance Compression Socks

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4.9 out of 5

Jump higher, move faster and absorb more impact with Lasso basketball socks. Designed for any player who thrives to stay moving with less distractions. Whether on court, off court or during moments of recovery—better movement starts from the ground up.

• Naturally align your foot and ankle muscles
• Increase muscle efficiency and stability
• Reduce swelling and improve circulation

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Shoe Size (US)

• Cutting-Edge Ankle Support
• Advanced Foot and Arch Support
• Reduces Muscle Fatigue and Soreness
• Speeds Up Muscle Recovery
• All-Day Moisture Wicking Comfort
• 15-20 mmHg Compression Level
• Designed and Engineered in the USA
• Recycled Post-Consumer Poly Fibers

• 62% Polyamide
• 29% Tempcontrol™ Polyester
• 9% Lycra Spandex

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Ankle Support

Built-in ankle support amplifies performance every step of the way.

Arch Support

Secure your joints and arches while waving foot fatigue goodbye.

Improved Circulation

Improved circulation and reduced swelling means you Stay Moving longer.

Engineered for Comfort

Absorb impact and explode with extra padding around the foot and ankle.

Moisture Wicking

Say goodbye to blisters. Let your feet breathe with our moisture-wicking yarns.

Been using these bad boys for a couple of months to play basketball and all I could say is no twisted ankle since then(suffer from chronic ankle sprains from a long military career)...product works very well, fully recommended!

Daniel R.

The socks are great! My daughter recently broke her ankle and was finally ready to return to play basketball. She needed some extra support and these socks did the trick!

Robyn J.

My son is recovering from an ankle sprain & these socks are a game changer. My boy says it provides extra support and his ankle does not bother him as much when he is playing basketball while using these socks.

Fel G.

My son is a basketball player and we bought these socks because he wanted to wear low cut basketball shoes. He was “rolled up” on in a game last weekend and he’s positive the socks saved his ankle.

Susan L.
"The Tesla of Socks."
Better movement. Less distractions.
Ankle Support

The best basketball socks for athletes of all ages. The only basketball socks with built in foot and ankle support.

Less Foot Pain

The best basketball socks to reduce foot pain.

Total Comfort

The best basketball socks for foot and ankle recovery.

High Performance

Trusted and worn by basketball professionals and enthusiasts of all ages.

Ranked #1 Sock by Men's Health
Better Movement. Medically Proven.

Your feet have never felt this good. Move better, recover faster, and improve foot load distribution.

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