Out of Office Ep.3 - "The Sanctuary" | Connor Jean

The Sanctuary. We all have one.



When work and life intersect with each other—and each is as physically demanding as the other—it's important to find balance. As a respected basketball skills trainer, author, mentor and a true enthusiast of the sport, Connor Jean searches for peace and silence on and off the court. From solo hikes and walks, to meditating and finding moments of stillness throughout his day, all the way to simply hooping around and having fun, he manages this balance like a pro and explains the importance of doing so. Sometimes getting away from it all is closer than you think. 



Here at Lasso, we're no strangers to the wear and tear basketball can put on your feet and ankles, whether you're a vetted professional, an aspiring athlete, or a skills trainer like Connor Jean. But on the flip side, a basketball court can be a place filled with limitless opportunities; a sanctuary of sorts—a place to flow and escape the monotony of work and routine. A place to break free from your office, your desk and express yourself freely without distraction. 


It's ultimately a place to get outside, unplug and create movement. Learn more about how Connor finds this balance in our latest Out of Office episode!  



'Out of Office' is a video series highlighting high-performing individuals as they unplug from their personal daily grind to engage with their desired subcultures as a way of finding balance to help them Stay Moving! Each episode digs a little deeper into understanding the balance between work and life, and unveiling the importance to get out, unplug and stay moving. 



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