Out of Office Ep.2 - "The Ride" | Nika Sedghi

Unplug. Get Out. Stay Moving.





One of the keys to performing at a high level is learning to use your mind as a tool. Learning when you can push it and when to rest. Our minds can only output so much. Like our bodies, it needs time to breath, time to engage in mindless activity. Time to be free. Nika Sedghi finds freedom on the road from the seat of her bicycle. It's here she goes to turn off and unplug. It's here where her thoughts and actions naturally mold together as one. 





As a full-time mechanical engineer, a great majority of Nika's life is dominated by technical constraints, minute details and a high-level of organization. It can be a challenge to balance work and life, but when she's riding, all she hears are her gears shifting. All she sees are the yellow dashes flying by. All she feels is rush of her breath moving in and out. It's here where the routine of her workday momentarily vanishes, providing a feeling one can only get when they truly unplug from it all. And we're thrilled knowing that Lasso performance socks can assist Nika during these long rides, providing support in her feet and ankles where she needs it most. That extra mile is always closer than you think! 





Out there, Nika is free. She finds herself in a flowing state of mind — a place where all of those countless hours of repetition and intentional practice give birth to intuitive movement and a freedom of thought. Her mind and body are one. It is the ultimate state of rejuvenation and a major motivator behind pulling on her socks, strapping on her shoes and logging miles as often as she does. It is somewhere she can simply stop and enjoy the ride—figuratively and literally. 





Achieving this feeling stems from the notion to unplug, get out and Stay Moving. That's what our Out of Office series is all about. And just like Nika, we're here to inspire the world to do just that every single day.