How can I improve my posture and reduce back pain?

Your body's movement starts from the bottom of your feet and works its way up through your body in a concept known as a kinetic chain. You will see the kinetic chain illustrated in this diagram below.



Every single muscle and ligament on the bottom of your foot needs to be activated for your body to stand at its tallest. In fact, modern day shoes and insoles train our feet to be asleep, and have caused postural issues as well as foot health issues. Furthermore, back pain, one of the most common injuries in the US, is a byproduct of improper weight distribution on the bottom of your foot as a result of imbalanced muscle activation.

What happens at your feet then shifts into your ankles, which impacts your knees, and so on up the body. So when you are working to improve your movement, one of the most important places to focus is on your feet and in ensuring that there is a strong balance between your two feet, as well as optimal muscle activation.



You can see in this diagram how Lasso Socks create a meaningful impact on your body to help you activate the bottom of your foot more. The chart shows that you can exert more force through your foot, which is an indicator that your weight is distributed more vertically through your body.

Lasso Socks have been shown to improve posture and alignment because of this muscle activation effect that you will find on the bottom of your feet.

If you are interested in improving your posture and reducing your back pain, try wearing Lasso Socks and let us know how your body changes as a result of better activation at the bottom of your feet.